We provide a system based on Fire Walling Panels. These consist of a fibre wool core with steel outer skins which are either Polysafe painted or of a Food Safe finish, combined with powder coated or SAA aluminium framed door and window sets. This system provides a truly versatile durable system which has the added benefits of outstanding thermal and sound proofing properties. Structural and durable construction with added benefits of being a finished product not requiring any additional decoration on site, with minimal construction time involved.

  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Up to 12 meters in height (dividing walls or fire enclosures)
  • Ideal for clean room and food storage
  • Fast efficient office builds.
  • Excellent for fire enclosed areas for staircases and escape routes.
  • Cost effective kitchens, toilets and washrooms (as no additional tiling required).
  • Manufactured with 100% recyclable material